3 Reasons to Use Cloud Servers

Cloud Server Hosting

Maybe you’re new to the web hosting game. Maybe you are an old pro who is an active mod on Web Hosting Talk making sure us Cloud providers don’t run amuck on your forums. Or maybe you are a developer who needs a virtualized environment to test out and run new code. Whatever your situation, Cloud server hosting is for you. Be it Windows or Linux Cloud Hosting, one thing is for sure, everyone can use a powerful and affordable Cloud server solution. Here’s why.


5 Reasons to Use Solar VPS for Cloud Hosting

Linux VPS Cloud Hosting

Looking for Cloud hosting solutions? Not sure what service you should use? Here at Solar VPS we know finding a great Cloud server hosting company can be a pain in the butt. With a good amount of services offering Cloud Computing solutions, how do you know which one is good for you? Well, to help you decide, we have put together a list of 5 reasons you should use Solar VPS as your Cloud service provider.

1. Windows, Linux, Cloud Applications on Demand

Before we set out to design the Solar VPS product offerings, we conducted a good amount of market research. We wanted to figure out what was working for some Cloud hosting companies and what wasn’t. With a small amount of research, it became abundantly clear the answer was choice – choice for operating systems. Some of our competitors offer Linux Cloud Hosting. Some offer Windows Cloud Hosting. Hardly any offer Cloud Applications (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento) on Demand. Solar VPS offers all three.

You need a Linux Cloud server running your favorite distros of Ubuntu? You got it. You need a Windows Cloud server running the most advanced virtual Windows OS? You got it. You want to install WordPress, Drupal or 160 other Cloud apps on demand with a single click? You got it.


How to Incorporate Cloud Storage Solutions into Your Business

Cloud Storage Services

By now you know what Dropbox. By now you know what Box.net is. By now you know what Box.net is. By now you know popular Cloud storage providers and how online storage solutions can help you in your day-to-day personal life. Maybe you utilize Google Cloud storage to work on projects with friends or maybe you use Skydrive (Microsoft Cloud Storage) to store songs you love. Whatever you use online storage for, your personal life has benefited from the overall market adoption of Dropbox, SugarSync, Google Drive etc.

Free Cloud storage solutions for your personal life is one thing. Free Cloud storage providers for your business life is a whole other ballgame entirely. As every business owner and CTO knows, data security is critical. In our digital information based global market, keeping sensitive data secure behind encrypted firewalls is of the utmost importance. Although it is an unsaid rule of Cloud storage, the word “free” when it comes to Dropbox, Google Drive or any of the major providers equates to “lack of security”. Sure, the service is reliable and flexible yet it isn’t secure. For the business owner who has critical data which needs to remain critical, “free” is a major problem. Cloud security is paramount with storage solutions.


How the Cloud is Empowering Social Media Customer Support

Cloud based Customer Support

We love the Cloud. As a proud Cloud hosting firm, we love everything about Cloud Computing and Cloud based technologies. This said, we also love the emergence and dominance of social media networks. Social media networks – operating on a scalable Cloud infrastructure – allow customers and brands to interact with one another as never before. For the blogger, social media networks like Twitter and Facebook are avenues to share content. For the brand, social media networks like Instagram and Pinterest are avenues to interact with the market through cool visuals and messaging. For the consumer, social media networks like Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook are excellent avenues to interact with brands they love concerning new products and/or more importantly, voice service complaints.

Maybe a brand shipped the wrong product to your door. Maybe you feel wronged by recent interactions with a companies sales team. Maybe you hate the way a brand you love conducts live support. Whatever the issue, more than ever Cloud powered social media networks provide consumers with an amplified microphone to shed light on brand wrong doings and missteps. This being true, two questions:

  1. As a consumer, how do you utilize social media networks to make brands take notice of your complaint? More importantly, how do you utilize social media networks to make a brand fix an existing misstep?

  2. As a brand, how do you manage social media consumer grievances? More importantly, how do you utilize social media networks to turn a pissed off customer into a loyal and happy community ambassador?