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When installing different Windows components or any other software you might receive the following errors:

"<Error>: Attempt to install [Windows Component] failed with error code 0x8007000E. Not enough storage is available to complete  this operation"
"The following error has occurred:
Not enough storage is available to process this command."

These errors are due to the fact that there is no available RAM to complete that current operation.
Additional log events can also be seen in Windows Event Viewer.

Solutions to this issue are:
  • Close any unnecessary applications / log-off a 2nd RDP session to increase the available RAM and then retry the previous operation - installing an application in this case.
  • Contact our Sales department for a quote on additional RAM for your Windows Server 2008 VPS.

This is the default behaviour of Virtuozzo under Windows as the available RAM is based on your current plan so if errors similar to the ones above appear then you must first contact our Support department so we can have a look first and determine if the issue is indeed the RAM usage.

A common scenario is installing SQL Server 2008 on a Windows Server 2008 VPS with 768MB RAM. Another case would be when trying to install Windows components - Roles or Features and having already maxed out the available RAM. Installing Windows components is a resource intensive task so please make sure to follow the solutions above.

Please note that this forum post is subject of being changed depending on further testings of Windows Server 2008 and Virtuozzo.
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