Author Topic: Solar VPS Announces New Linux and Windows Pricing Structure  (Read 5390 times)

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Solar VPS Announces New Linux and Windows Pricing Structure
« on: December 19, 2012, 02:20:41 PM »
Contact: Brad Leibowitz                   
Tel: (973) 572-1070 ext. 605

New Pricing Makes Solar VPS The Most Cost-Effective Cloud Web Hosting Provider on the Market

Clifton, NJ – On November 19, Web Hosting provider Solar VPS released a new Linux and Windows Virtual Private Server pricing plan designed to be the most cost-effective Cloud VPS hosting solution available.
With the new structure in place, users will now pay $17.50 per month for a Linux VPS with 2GB of RAM, 20GB of disk space, 1TB of bandwidth and 1 CPU core. Windows Cloud VPS hosting starts at $22.50 monthly for the same resource allocation. Competing VPS providers, such as Linode, offer Linux VPS accounts from $19.95, but with fewer resources. 1&1 offers Windows VPS accounts from $29, but also with fewer resources than the new Solar VPS packages.

When asked about why Solar VPS decided to institute the new price structure for their main Linux and Windows Virtual Private Server offerings, Solar VPS COO Ross Brouse commented, “our new price structure is designed to cater to the market at a more agreeable price for the services. We believe the current pricing model used in the web hosting industry is not consistent with the level of performance consumers receive from their services. For a highly automated Cloud based system the price to performance ratio should be higher than it is now. By utilizing top of the line compute gear in addition to NetApp for shared storage, our new pricing allows us to achieve that price to performance ratio goal on a 10 gigabit storage network.”

In business since 2005, Solar VPS has clients in more than 90 countries across the globe. The company is a recognized leader in the hosting community, offering 24/7 support, redundant network connectivity and is backed by FortressITX technology. Providing the best Cloud VPS hosting experience available, Solar VPS’s Windows and Linux VPS offering is perfect for growing ecommerce websites, web developers and IT professionals.


For more information concerning the Solar VPS new pricing structure, contact Mr. Leibowitz at (973) 572 – 1070 ext. 605 or send him an email at
- Brad Leibowitz
Solar VPS Content Coordinator