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UK Dedicateds, anyone?

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Thread updated and these are CONFIRMED!

I think the sour bite of this is not having root access and forcing a semi-managed plan if one wants to have control panel. Can you comment on the strictness simply because of the control panel?

Greetings, Chris!  I do apologize for the confusion regarding the wording I used.  I edited my post above to indicate that you would get root access to the VPS itself.  Basically, what we do is put the entire server in a container, and you get root/admin level access to that.  In order for us to apply kernel updates or critical OS updates, we need an easy way to do that, and by keeping everything streamlined and consistent across the board, via Containers, we can do a simple application patch via our control system and apply it across the board as needed.

I am very sorry that this wasn't explained ahead of time clearly.

The other nice thing about doing something in a semi-managed state is that if a customer needs to upgrade from a lower level VPS to one of the UKDS packages, we can easily migrate the data right over with a matter of a few clicks and just deal with IP changes after the fact.  This allows our customers to upgrade to a very beefy VPS, should they need the resources of it.

Since it's one container per actual physical server, you get 100% of the CPU, RAM, HD space and switch ports.


I guess that makes sense ;)


I'd also need prices for hardware upgrades - The Meteor above is exactly right for one of my regulars, but he needs 2 gigs of RAM to be able to run his apps (and it must be Debian Etch). I've already quoted him a price for these, so be gentle with me! LOL

All the best,


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