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Telephone number in SolarVPS customer details



I have put both my landline and mobile in my customer details, but have a question.
I am in the UK so my number is

01522 xxxxxx
07847 xxxxxx

This is the number you dial when in the UK
Which is what I have got in my customer details now

So should I put
+44 1522 xxxxxx
+44 7847 xxxxxx

In my customer details ?

What you have in there now will do fine Garry. I'm in the UK too and Ross never has any problem with international dialing codes if he wants to phone me to bug me LOL

I'm up in Merseyside - Where are you? Nice to see another Brit in these parts! :D


I am in Lincoln, Lincolnshire

Ahhh, nice cathedral, and several good pubs, if it's still the same as when I was there on a flying visit many years ago ;)

Garry, as you found out yesterday, we have no problems discerning where a customer is at.  As long as we have a phone number and a country, we'll be able to reach ya... as the situation necessitates it.  :)


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