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Hello everyone!

My first post here... sweet! :)

I became a Solar customer few days ago, and so far everything is running like a dream!

Now am trying to secure my VPS, but it's not going as easy as I expected. All I've done so far is disable file&printer sharing, enable windows firewall and configure ftp. And I have tons of questions. I really hope you guys can help me out. So here I go...

Netstat command shows the following ports opened on TCP: 21, 80, 135, 445, 1025, 1067, 3389, 139, 1049. Should I close any of the above for security reasons? I know I need 21, 80 and 3389, but what about the others? I tried to close ports 135, 139 and 445 with netsh commands (I read I should avoid keeping them opened) but when I check again the listening ports with netstat, nothing in the list has changed. What am I doing wrong to disable ports?

Also, I get "500 Invalid PORT Command" when I change the default FTP port (21). How can I get past that?

Lastly, how do I manage DNS and point my domain to the vps? I have TCP/UDP 53 ports opened and DNS Client in Parallels panel is set to running. But how do I continue from there? I tried following this tutorial but I'm getting lost. (I don't have Plesk)

VPS is a whole new world for me and I hope you can get me on the right track.
Thanks in advance!

Hello GP!

Welcome to the Solar Family!

The other ports you mention are used by various windows services which are required for your server to be up and running.

You can consult for the netstat command and run it to see exactly which process is using what port.

For the FTP error there are a number of reasons and you will have to explain the environment in which this error occurs. For example are you connecting through activa or passive mode ?  If one fails have you tried the other?

You have to install a DNS server on the VPS (o we can install it for you if you submit a ticket) . You have to create the zones on the VPS and then point them to the VPS from the registrar. You can use your own private nameservers for this (e.g. and which you will have created when you setup the zones.

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you!

Hi Alex,

First of all, thank you for installing the DNS Server for me in a split second! :) :)

Regarding my FTP issue, I tried a few things: If I change the FTP port in the application server configuration menu to a XXXX port, I get

"The connection failed due to an error or timeout." (Surprise, surprise!)

Opening the same port in windows firewall changes the error to:

"Syntax error: command unrecognized."
"Failed to establish data socket."

(As far as I remember I get the same error when I try to connect in active mode on port 21. I am using CuteFTP, so it initially tries passive connection. If this doesn't succeed, it goes for an active connection.)

However, when I disable the firewall I have no problem establishing the FTP connection on any port. I don't understand why this happens. After all, if the port is opened in the firewall why can't I connect when the firewall is running?

Thanks again,

Roscoe Pico:
If you are using an active connection, try opening TCP port 20 as well as 21.

See how that goes.

Yep, tried that one also. Opening port 20 doesn't change anything. Still the same error. :(


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