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Humanizing IT with FortressITX Director of Managed Services, Louis Ardolino

On June 14, 2012 Louis Ardolino took the time to sit down during the closing moments of @CloudExpo to talk about the infrastructure of FortressITX and why it’s so important to the future of the Cloud Computing industry. For those of you who don’t know, Mr. Ardolino is the Director of Managed Services for FortressITX.

What makes Louis great is his constant dedication to customer service matched with his unique understanding of the IT world. From virtualization, to full IT closet offload, private cloud solutions, to the FortressITX Hosted PBX and Exchange services, Louis has a great way of breaking down complex issues so anyone can understand them. Essentially, he is our go to guy for humanizing all things IT and for us here over at Solar VPS humanizing our services is something we take a great amount of pride in.


Why Cloud Computing is Important to Small Business

Recently I spoke with the owner of a small company who was running out of space at their facility. His engineer was “up to his eyeballs in crocodiles” and had considered moving their servers into a 3rdparty datacenter. Upon hearing this, I brought up a private cloud solution.  He said he hadn’t considered it because his engineer thought that the applications they had grown dependent on might not translate to a cloud solution.

Virtualization, the technology behind cloud computing, has been in commercial use for years (i.e. linux VPS hosting) and in recent years has grown to encompass multi-server environments. It means many things to many people. At its heart, cloud computing opens up a world of new possibilities by virtualizing computing resources. For example, if my client, let’s call him “Jim”, has two load-balanced web servers, a database server and a storage server all working together to support his website, chances are that none of these computers is working anywhere near 100% efficiency. By virtualizing these servers (i.e. abstracting their computing resources), that efficiency can be improved and perhaps some of the hardware could be removed, thereby reducing cost… and containing costs is paramount to survival as a small business.